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K-State Slate, 9/1/09


Click the jump for K-State sports news and notes.


Topeka Capital-Journal -- Only Snyder knows KSU QB: Bill Snyder has a secret and he isn't telling!  Well, yet, anyway.  Bill Snyder has apparently chosen a starting QB, but isn't quite ready to let the world in on the secret.  You'll have to wait until his press conference today to find out that Carson Coffman has held onto his job as the starter, but that Grant Gregory is very close and, should Coffman make any mistakes on Saturday, will be headed onto the field faster than a bloodhound on a fugitive's trail.

Go State (Austin Meek) -- Big 12 Power Rankings: Meek gets in on the power ranking craze, something us Big 12 bloggers will be doing later this week.

Now, go get another cup of coffee or settle in for an extended lunch break and check out the following entries from Curtis Kitchen.

Kitchen -- Time is of the essence for K-State: I have this fear that, if we are beset by injuries and the players don't pick up Snyder's system and the person making dinner each night is slow and upsets these youngsters' eating schedules that a disappointing season will lead to a small, but vocal, lunatic fringe immediately losing its patience with Snyder.  How was that for a sentence?

Kitchen -- An offensive stat analysis for KSU to finish second: Kitchen goes all wonky-stat-guy on us with this post.  He looks at what Big 12 North offenses have achieved over the past six years in relation to their finish within the division.  Although it obviously doesn't factor in defense, it's an interesting look at how much improvement K-State needs to make during quality game time in order to be competitive with the best offenses in the division.


The Manhattan Mercury -- Asprilla situation nearing resolution: We're getting closer to finding out whether Isiah Thomas and Florida International are going to be real dicks to a kid from Colombia, or whether they're going to give him his scholarship release.  Answer later this week...probably.


Despite dropping two matches to open the season, the K-State volleyball team only fell one spot in the AVCA rankings.  A testament to the strength of the field at the AVCA Showcase.

Other Big 12 Blogs

Gale Sayers is returning to KU's athletic department as director of fundraising for special projects.  Maybe his first project is to figure out how to get another big donor so the football team is no longer named after a disgraced businessman.

Norm Stewart's granddaughter was killed in a motor vehicle accident.  Our condolences.

If Oklahoma State makes it to a BCS bowl this season, T. Boone Pickens may wet his pants with joy.  That could be entertaining.

Want to learn more about blitzing?  Check out Smart Football's Chris Brown's dissertation over at Every Day Should Be Saturday.

The Fourum

Get out your finest torches and pitchforks and head for Kedzie Hall, because THERE'S NO FOURUM POSTED ON THE COLLEGIAN TODAY!!!  RAWWRRRRR!!!

(Note: Please do not get out any torches, pitchforks, or other deadly or dangerous weapon, and please leave the fine folks at Kedzie Hall alone.  I was just kidding.)