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An Apology: "The Adventures" Will Be Coming...

Good readers, I want to apologize.  I said that the conclusion would drop today, and it didn't come.

Funny story...I had actually started writing it, and honestly, I liked where it was going.  However, last night, before TB and I did a podcast with our good friends at Rock M Nation, my hard drive froze.  I spent the better part of six hours trying to recover data and restore my system from Vista's 'Safe Mode'.  Believe you me, there's nothing "safe" about Windows Vista, but I digress.

Regardless, one of the casualties of that debacle was losing the work I had already done on the final chapter of the trilogy.  In a strange way, the island infected my computer as well.

So, I just wanted to throw an apology out there.  I'll be sitting down tomorrow to write the final chapter (again), and hopefully, it will be up on Monday.  Please, check back then.

In the meantime, here are the links to the previous chapters for those of you who aren't acquiainted with the story thus far:

If anyone wants to know what I think of Windows Vista, well...