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K-State Slate, 8/28/09




Click the jump for K-State sports news and notes and, of course, The Fourum.


Meek: Snyder's age a non-factor (Topeka Capital-Journal): Another good column by Austin.  There are a lot of reasons K-State might not do as well this time around, but in my book, Snyder's age is not one of them.

Haskin: No pressure for Snyder (TCJ): Given Snyder's approach -- just try to get a little better every day -- I tend to agree.  Plus, this quote is the best quick description I've seen of the changes in the Big 12:

Sure, he'd love to make a similar splash this time, but the Big 12 playing field is different -- leveled in the North, elevated in the South.

Meek: Can the Cats play D? (TCJ): Meek goes through several burning issues facing K-State this season.

From the Blogs

EDSBS: Heisman Watch Edition, L-Town Keep It Chilla Edition -- Who knew Mark Mangino (ahem, Marky M) could rap?  I mean, we knew he could destroy a wall, but rap?  Damn.

The Fourum

A quarter of the way through this one, I was wondering if there would be anything I could use.  By the end, I had no such worries.

I got sick at the end of first semester freshman year, the beginning of second semester freshman year, the beginning of first semester sophomore year. Can I just rent a room out at Lafene?

Ya'll want to know why girls stress about boys more than they do about classes? Because when we wake up in the morning, we know our class is still going to be there. Lord knows where our boy is going to be.

Over by Cardwell, there's a big set of steps with a railing down the middle. Use the stair set on the right, otherwise you'll start a traffic jam and probably get knocked down.

So, how come you can take expensive merchandise back to the store without any questions asked, but when you try to take back your perfectly good textbooks, you have to jump through a bunch of hoops? It doesn't make sense.