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K-State Slate: 8/27/09




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Over at the Topeka Capital-Journal, Kevin Haskin has his mid-week musings column up.  My favorites?  The K-State/Iowa State pillow-fight "showdown" at Arrowhead is being billed in some corners as "Farmageddon" (embrace our agricultural history, people), and Colorado got a junior college wide receiver eligible, which makes me laugh remembering Broncoman's "retard juco players" broadsides over at The Ralphie Report last year.

Superfan Manifesto

From GoPowercat, the manifesto of a superfan.  Remember, if you can make it to the UMass game, and you don't show up, you're a Jayhawk (thank God I finally ordered a ticket yesterday).  Don't say you weren't warned.

Other Big 12 Stuff

The new slogan for Texas football this year?  "We are Texas!"  Umm, you had to pay somebody $800,000 to come up with that?  Couldn't you have just ripped it off from a Matthew McConaughey movie?  Or K-State a few years ago?  Further, could anyone ever forget that you're Texas, considering "Texas" constitutes about every third word out of your mouths and you have a giant outline of the state on everything?

File this one under two categories: first, the further removed in time you are from something, the less accurate people's memories of it are, and second, the "let's wait until the Big 12 breaks the SEC's stranglehold on the national championship trophy before proclaiming the Big 12 has surpassed the SEC" category.

Via Rock M Nation, an excellent look at the NCAA's hypocrisy and utter inability to regulate college sports fairly by Jay Bilas (sorry, it's Insider).  I don't agree with all of his conclusions, but I do agree that the NCAA is not doing its job.  To this point, I hadn't paid much attention to the infractions case at Memphis.  But answer me this: isn't it interesting that Memphis has to vacate all its victories from 2007-08, its Final Four appearance, take down its banners, and act like that season never happened, because Derrick Rose cheated on his SAT?  If that's the standard, did anyone really win the national title in 2008?  Because as I recall, KU's Darrell Arthur did essentially the same thing (seriously, this Curtis Kitchen guy is killing the bigger media outlets).  He would have failed to meet the initial eligibility standards because he couldn't pass a math class, but the NCAA certified him as eligible, then later we found he he actually wasn't.  Here's the money quote from Bilas' article:

But it is clear that the NCAA cannot credibly and reasonably administer eligibility standards across the board, and certainly cannot enforce its rules with any reasonable degree of fairness.

Look, unless the NCAA can prove that KU knew about or had some hand in Arthur's grade being changed at South Oak Cliff, they shouldn't be punished for his participation because the NCAA cleared him.  But it's truly astounding that the NCAA continues to kick around small programs while giving elite programs a pass on the exact same conduct.  Bilas is right.  If this is the best the NCAA can do, it needs to get out of the business.

From Over the Pylon, Alan brings us a preview of the Big 12's season.  The two prognosticators are positively bullish on Nebraska.

The Fourum

One of the Collegian's editorial writers, Beth Mendenhall, suggested yesterday that the phrase "Every Man A Wildcat" be changed to "Every Person A Wildcat" to be more inclusive.  The following hilarity resulted:

I will start saying "EPAW" just as soon as Beth changes her name to "Beth Persondenhall."

Hey Beth, should we change "Manhattan" to "Personhattan?" Thanks.


And now, the best of the rest...

Bill Snyder is like the Chuck Norris of football.

It's 11:30, it's raining, and the sprinklers are on in the Quad. Highlight of my day.

I don't know about you, but I've had sexual relations on a K-State roof.