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K-State Slate: 8/26/09




Click the jump for K-State sports news and notes.  Very slow news day, but would you expect anything else with a Bill Snyder-conducted football camp?


Zero K-State football stories out there today.  For some information on football opponents, check out these posts from Austin Meek's blog at the Topeka Capital-Journal.  Meek scoured the Interwebs to find information on our first four football opponents in those posts, so after reading the linked articles, you should know everything there is to know about UMass, UCLA, Louisiana, and Tennessee Tech.

The Beasley Matter

Somehow, I missed this post from Meek yesterday about Michael Beasley's situation.

From the Manhattan Mercury, Cole Manbeck drops his two cents on the Beasley issue.  Manbeck agrees that more time in college probably would have helped Beasley.  I know it sound self-serving for K-Staters to say this in a cynical world, but Wildcat basketball success aside, I think Beasley would have benefited from more time in college.

Around the Internets

All links today courtesy Every Day Should Be Saturday, which will be moving to SB Nation soon = win. 

First up, The Detestable Mr. Leach Makes a Devious Wager.  It's like Mike Leach, but even more outrageous!

Before reading the second post, you'll probably need a little background, so read this first.  Then, a brilliant take on how sports rivalries can alter perception of the same event in Alternate Histories, The Incident as seen by an Alabama fan and The Incident as seen by an Auburn fan.

Finally, is it any wonder we beat these guys in College Station last year?  (Use this link for the video.  Cue Beergut's response in 5...4...3...)

The Fourum

It's baaaaaack!  We're going to go with an extra-long (that's what she said!) Fourum section today to celebrate its return.

I just saw a chick in Wal-Mart with Ugg boots and a guy beating himself up on the way back. That would be a good first day at school.

To the shirtless douche jogging through campus on the first day of class: You're a douche.

I've learned to never fart in a tanning bed because the fan blows it right back in your face.

Varney's should pass out condoms at the front door, because I feel like I'm getting raped every time I walk in there.

My professor just said, "In plain Engrish." This is going to be a good semester.