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Programming Note

Fellow BOTCers --

This summer has been more eventful than we would like.  While summers should be devoted to overanalyzing the upcoming football season and discussing topics that otherwise wouldn't get coverage during the busier times, this summer we have been forced to deal with the aftermath of numerous mistakes made by our outgoing administration and, of course, The Audit.  That should change in the near term, as Panjandrum will begin position analysis later this summer and, by August, we will start previewing K-State's opponents for this fall.

However, come what may in the next month, I will not be around.  Today marks exactly one month until what will be one of the greatest days of my life: the day the Missouri bar exam ends.  To get to that great day successfully, I'm going to have to stop doing pretty much everything I enjoy -- blogging, playing golf, sleeping regularly -- and thus I leave you to Panjandrum, EMAW and BracketCat.  Also, y'all have done a great job of posting news stories and other items of interest in the FanPosts and FanShots, so keep that up and we'll bump them to the front page as often as possible.  I'll be around to comment occasionally, but you won't get any more commentary from me for a while, no matter how much I'd like to slam the Representatives from Texas for this.

Also, for the love of God, don't let 2007 KU win this poll.  Any of those K-State teams listed would beat KU by 20.

See you in a month.  Well, a month plus the hangover.