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K-State Slate, 6/23/09


There's enough going on to justify a K-State Slate.  Hit the jump for all your Wildcat news and notes.

The Audit

The Topeka Capital-Journal's Austin Meek secured an email interview with former AD Tim Weiser.  Weiser claims the $500,000 loan was used to purchase real estate in Kansas, and he also notes that he paid back the loan with $25,000 interest.  Interestingly, Weiser also indicates that it's his understanding that making payments to coaches as independent contractors via their personal LLCs is not improper.  I think, depending on how that compensation is earned and classified, he's right.  Let's hope the way it was done at K-State was proper by IRS standards.

Also from Topeka, Kevin Haskin believes disclosure is a public right.  As such, he calls for the KU and Pittsburg State audits to be made public.  Don't hold your breath.

Here is some good news regarding the audit.  The NCAA won't be looking into K-State's athletic department troubles.  This doesn't come as any surprise to me, but it's good news nonetheless.  If anything, we cheated ourselves rather than cheated to win.

Around the Big 12

Texas A&M fans are sounding more like Nebraska fans every day.  Here, miketag writes that Tech will return to being Tech this year, which, ironically, is still way better than Texas A&M is.

Colorado is taking a hard line on wide receiver Josh Smith's decision to transfer.  Apparently, they asked Smith why he wanted to transfer, and he listed being close to home -- he's from southern California -- and a good music program as his criteria.  Based on that, Colorado granted him a release only to USC, a nearby school that has the music program he wants.  I'm sure a lot of people disagree with me, but I think this is a smart move on Colorado's part.

Texas is in the national championship series in Omaha, but lost Game 1 last night to LSU.  C'mon, Texas.  You can't join the ranks of Big 12 schools that choke against SEC schools in national title games.