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K-State Slate, 5/7/09



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Since I'm filling in for Pan today, you don't get the cool little Powercat before each news item.


The NCAA's Academic Progress Rating report was released yesterday, and K-State has officially regained the scholarship it lost because a certain 7'1" center decided school wasn't cool.  Just so you know, I think the APR is complete BS and will refuse to acknowledge it in any other way than to simply note that it is no longer penalizing us.


The Big 12 coaches took a stand against Mack Brown and Texas by voting to keep the current three-team tiebreaker in place.  I'm not saying the current system is perfect, but it's better than what was proposed.

The Fourum

Good stuff as usual.

God, library PDA gets me hot and bothered.

My vibrator just broke. There goes my sex life.

To the man texting while riding his horse: Safety first, man