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Big 12 Three-Way Tiebreaker Outrage!

A monstrous, unspeakable tragedy occurred in Oklahoma City this weekend at Bricktown Ballpark.  In Pool 1 of the Big 12 baseball tournament, three teams were tied with 2-1 records.  Among them were the Texas Longhorns, Baylor Bears, and of course, our beloved K-State Wildcats.

You would think they would use some sort of merit-based system to break such a tie, or at least do something fair like resort to the BCS standings, but instead they use a silly metric to break the tie called the "highest-seeded team advances."  In other words, they ignore the fact that K-State almost swept Texas, in Austin, and instead look at the fact that Texas won the regular-season conference championship, a piddly little accomplishment.  This is the very definition of outrage!

What's that, you say?  Baylor was tied included in that tie, too?  Well, they were by far the lowest ranked team of the three tied, so they don't matter.  I don't know why you're even bringing them up.  What's that?  They beat Texas in the tournament?  Pfft.  Who cares?  Not us.

I demand that K-State fans everywhere write to Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe to let him know what an incredible injustice has been done to the K-State baseball team.  We demand satisfaction.  If this ridiculous tiebreaker is not changed, I suggest we declare ourselves conference and national champions, then secede from the Big 12 to start our own league.  And I don't just mean our own conference, I say we tell the NCAA to stuff it, too, and strike out on our own.

(If anyone missed the flooding sarcasm on this, please search the archives for a while.  Also, sorry for not getting anything on this posted until now.  You don't tend to get much out of me on race weekend.)