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The Hits Just Keep On Coming: K-State May Owe Ron Prince $3.2 Million

Kansas City Star

Topeka Capital-Journal

Wichita Eagle

K-State's Lawsuit (.pdf)

I have yet to read K-State's petition, so I can't yet offer my commentary on this, but I'm at a loss for words right now.  It's unfathomable to me that a person who was put in charge of a BCS-conference athletic department would think it was acceptable to enter into a secret agreement with a football coach for deferred compensation.

One thing is for certain.  Well, maybe two.  First, any shred of respect I may have retained for Bob Krause is gone.  Second, while nobody can deny the inestimable good Jon Wefald did for Kansas State University, the farcical nature of the events constituting the end of his term as university president obscure the view of the first 18 years.  At best, he showed incredibly poor judgment by micro-managing and forcing out an athletic director who ran the department well and had it operating in the black.  At worst...well, honestly I don't know the worst-case scenario right now.  It was bad enough that we had squandered the entire surplus that Tim Weiser built on buyouts for Weiser himself and Ron Prince.  On top of that, it now appears that Wefald installed an athletic director who was so inestimably bad at his job that his mismanagement could cost the school millions more dollars.

I'm simply beside myself right now.  Consider this your open thread to say whatever you want about the current situation.  More from me when I actually have a chance to fully analyze the situation.