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A Star is Born

Some of you have probably seen this already, but this needs to be seen by everyone.  If you haven't watched it, spend the full seven minutes.  It's worth it.

While I don't necessarily agree with all of the themes of this video (one highlighting the failures while Snyder was gone, which feeds into the theme of the only man able to win here is Bill Snyder...but I digress...), it is the best fan made video we've seen since fatty4ksu put out the fantastic "Birth of Kansas State Football", and it embarrasses a lot of the amateur looking videos our department has put out lately.

A few things stand out when you watch the following video by Ruperman22:

  • Snyder's teams hit hard.  Very hard.
  • When Coach had this thing rolling in the late nineties and early '00's, there were few teams in this country that were as intimidating as Kansas State.
  • The man knows how to put together a football program, and in terms of program building, he's essentially the architect that laid the blueprint that nearly every other coach in this conference follows today.  Including those bastards in Lawrence.
  • Someone made a video that actually makes Limp Bizkit's music tolerable.

I hope that this young man decides to continue making videos in the future.  I look forward to his contributions to the KSU community because he obviously has talent.

Snyderman Returns (via Ruperman22)