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K-State Slate: 5/01/2009


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  • Apparently, doesn't think much of the hiring of Bill Snyder. (H/T Tim Griffin).

    I will say this. I have no use for someone's opinion if they can't find the "Enter" key on their keyboard.
    Kansas State – We could have gone either way on the firing of Ron Prince, but bringing Bill Snyder back to Kansas State? No, we cannot understand that move by KSU. OK…Bill Snyder was a great football coach, but that was in another time and another place. Snyder put up some great seasons at K-State, but in his last two years, which happened to correspond to the rise of Texas, Oklahoma, Texas Tech and Missouri in the Big 12, Snyder went 4-7 in 2004 and 5-6 in 2005. There is a reason that Bill Snyder was fired after the 2005 season and that reason has not changed and we believe K-State will regret hiring Snyder because he will not move the football program forward in what has become a much tougher Big 12. Instead of Bill Snyder, we would have hired Buffalo’s Turner Gill, Oklahoma’s Brent Venables, Illinois Mike Locksley, Missouri’s Dave Christensen or even Dennis Franchione over bringing back Bill Snyder and we believe Kansas State will regret this coaching move.

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  • It's Friday. It's the Fourum.
    Dear You Suck, I normally look to you to be a pinnacle of truth in these times. However, the Star Wars ship you pictured is not a Corellian Cruiser, it is a Corellian Corvette.
    Stop running, pirates, you know ninjas are much better than you.
    My roommate doesn’t know how to poop unless it’s in his pants.