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The (Real) Spring Practice Report



Information? You don't need no stinking information.



I'd like to think that I'm a pretty good sport. I realize that Bill Snyder has always had a certain way of doing things, and given the results, I can't complain.

If Snyder wants closed practices, he gets them. If he wants the shady side of the plane, he gets it. If he wants KSU to play Manhattan Christian College, at least 45,000 fans will show up with their grills and beer to toast a victory.

Knowing all of this, why did I get my hopes up when K-State Sports Information sent out Snyder's own personal practice report?

I'm going to give you, in its entirity, the Bill Snyder practice summary (with my own comments intermixed, of course):

"I have been somewhat pleased with the progress from practice one to practice number two," Snyder said. "The majority of time is being spent on fundamentals and both practices have been without pads due to NCAA rule requirements. We have also implemented a vast amount of our offense and defense, which has challenged their learning and retention capabilities. They have done reasonably well with that, but greater tests await them."
  • We're off to a good start here. Snyder's somewhat pleased. I can live with that. Normally, he's somewhat disappointed or completely closed lipped about how he feels regarding a practice. Maybe he's softening or opening up a little bit?
  • Also, the team is studying fundamentals. Two words: Thank Christ. Hopefully, this year, we won't see players trying to block and tackle each other as opposed to the guys on the other team.
  • For those of you worried about potential issues with the NCAA, Bill's brought back complete transparency to the program. You've gotta like that.
  • I've gotta admit, though, I'm a little worried about the retention ability of these players.  When you go from a playbook that consists of screen right, screen left, dump to the tight end, and run into the guard's ass, and you try to implement an actual playbook with timing routes...the results aren't always pretty.  Are you sure these guys are getting it, Bill?  Can we insist on a pop quiz or something?
"We have also spent a great deal of time with the kicking game," Snyder added. "As is true with both offense and defense, the kicking game is at best somewhat inconsistent after the first two days."
  • I honestly don't know what this means. Are they spotty on field goals? Extra points? Do we not have a guy that can boot it past the twenty on kickoffs? Does the punter know that he needs to be on the field when they snap the ball? Inquiring minds want to know.
"The players’ attitudes have been positive as they attempt to enhance their work habits. As was true during the out of season program, there is still great emphasis being placed on intrinsic values and the capacity for daily improvement and strict focus during meetings and practices. The coaching staff is constantly evaluating players in terms of those intrinsic values as well as their techniques and performance levels."
  • Enhance their work habits? Why don't you be square with us? Ron didn't make them work a tenth as hard as you do.
  • Intrinsic values? Daily improvement? What are you talking about? Surely you jest. It's obvious that Prince was onto something when he liked to start out strong and completely collapse heading into October...

What, you want more quotes? That's it. Those are the only practice reports you get. Do you think Austin Meek or Jeffrey Martin have anything for you? No. How do I know this? Because Meek basically posted the SID release in his blog too.

Over the course of the last few days, I've been reading updates from Rock M Nation and the Ralphie Report in regards to their Spring workouts. I'll admit that, as a blogger, I'm quite jealous that they have so much content to share. But, as a K-State fan, I should have realized that we wouldn't be so lucky. I guess Coach has his reasons, as he always has, but it would be nice to know a little bit of what's going on.

Oh, well. I guess I can continue to make stuff up. Look for another practice report from me sometime next week.