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K-State Slate: 4/8/2009



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  • Maybe it's an added level of maturity (eh, probably not), but I'm beginning to grow concerned for the future of this country...
    Tyler Hansbrough rollerblades to class.
    Don't drag race in reverse. Sorry, Evan.
    Wine was invented by the Romans for orgies. And orgies aren't too much fun if no one wants to do it with you.

Powercat_medium News of the Weird

  • Huge thanks to the K-Statriots at for finding this gem. There are two things about this article that are amusing. First, some guy named Blair Irvin Jr. responded to the article in the comments section. Now, whether or not it's him, I certainly don't know, but here's what the commenter had to say:
    This is Blair Irvin Jr. I just wanted to let everyone know that i never put one hand on her. I may have broke the lab top but would never put my hand on a women. Her mother threated me a few weeks before telling me i would pay for messing with her daughter. Thats were the battery charge came in. After i was arrested her mother sent me a text saying that she didnt know i was getting arrested it was a misunderstanding. Yea right.
    The second part of this article that will amuse you is the item under "Other Crime Reports"...
    A Clay Center woman reported the theft of more than $1,000 in clothes and two vibrators from a Manhattan residence this weekend.
    Have a good day all! And if you find those, um, tools, please contact the Riley County Police Department.