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BOTC Tourney Pick 'Em: Final Standings

Because I'm very busy today with school stuff, and yes I mean that seriously, I'm just going to congratulate our champion and provide a link to the final results so you can see where you ended up.

Our champion: jonnyfo -- 1340 points (Champion: UNC)

Jonnyfo, if you would be so kind as to email me at bringonthecats -- at -- gmail --dot-- com, I'll be happy to get your prize to you soon.

Now, for perhaps the more important announcement.  The prize for jonnyfo will be an original Bring On The Cats t-shirt.  That's right, we have finally decided to go ahead with t-shirts for the site after spending about six months talking about the possibility.  Now, this is important.  We need input from all our readers as to what the shirts should say and look like.  Use the comments here as an open thread, and remember that we need to try not to get sued over what our shirts say.

Also, once we get a couple designs ready, the shirts will be available for sale (more on that later).  Have at it, folks.