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K-State Slate: 4/7/2009


Powercat_medium Football

  • has a nice article about Coach Snyder's return. Josh Berard had a good quote:
    "Coach Snyder is a smart man, and smart men learn new things every day. Not only is he teaching us, we're teaching him. As far as him knowing about iPods or whatever, that doesn't mean a thing to us. He knows the game of football, and that's something that will never change."
  • Meek expanded a bit on his Blair Irvin article. What a shame. The guy had some potential.
    Riley County Police Department spokesman Kurt Moldrup said Irvin was arrested following a confrontation with a 19-year-old female at her Manhattan residence.

    In addition to the battery charge, Irvin was charged with damaging a Hewlett Packard laptop valued at $1,200. He was released on bail.
  • Rivals has a Spring Preview for Kansas State. It's free content, so you don't have to be a member to read it. It's probably information you already know, but hey, maybe you're new.

Powercat_medium Fourum

  • Crazy kids. Hippopotomus flank steak? I give him/her points for creativity:
    To the K-State Kramer Dining crew: This is the cheeseburger bandit. If you don’t serve hippopotamus flank steak with Jack Daniel’s marinade and fresh cut green beans for Change-Ups this Thursday, you’re going to find a cheeseburger in the planter box on the wall every day for the rest of the semester. That is all.
    If you see a blue Volkswagen on campus: I have an all-metal grill, bad breaks and a tendency for mass murder, so don’t walk in front of me.
    The catch-22 of every college guy: We want a slut tonight and a good girl for the rest of our lives.