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K-State Slate: 4/6/2009




Powercat_medium Wildcats in the Pros

  • Jeffrey Martin has an excellent piece on Michael Beasley featured in the KC Star/Wichita Eagle about the rookie forward's transition to the NBA. Here's a quote that will either make you proud or frustrated:
    "There have been times when he’s said to me, ‘If I knew what I know now, I definitely would have come back (to K-State),’ " Shingler said. "At one point, he said he would have stayed all four years."

Powercat_medium Football

Powercat_medium Baseball

Powercat_medium Fourum

  • Enjoy your daily dose of the Fourum. Here's my top three:
    To those guys I meowed at yesterday: I'm sorry if I frightened you.
    If it sounds like a human, smells like a human, looks like a human, it might be a jackalope.
    His name is Brogan and he got teabagged multiple times last night.