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K-State Slate: 4/3/2009




Powercat_medium Football

  • The transcript is up for Bill Snyder's first Spring Practice press conference. And, as you all know, Ron's not the only guy with buzzwords...
    It would be inappropriate to put a youngster in a situation to attempt something that he does not have the capacity to accomplish.
  • Maybe it's coachspeak, maybe it's the truth, but ultimately, it's still frightening nonetheless. Coach Snyder opened up to Tim Griffin about the speed and strength of our team during the off-season conditioning:
    Snyder and his staff have completed early testing of the players they inherited from Ron Prince. And after measuring the speed and strength of the players, Snyder had a rather blunt assessment as the Wildcats prepare for Sunday's first day of spring practice. "The numbers were not overwhelming," Snyder said. "They were rather average, I would think."
  • Carson Coffman is ready to start.  Also, according to Austin Meek, linebacker Olu Hall is off of the team, and Chidubamu "Michael" Abana is back.
  • Kevin Haskin has a column on the value of having Bill Snyder back at the helm.
  • According to Jeffrey Martin, the Wildcats are bonding. Apparently, this wasn't kosher under the previous regime:
    But there are members of the Kansas State football team with whom Banks, a senior wide receiver, has shared little more than a hello or some other common greeting. In the recent past, that was tolerated, maybe encouraged.

    In Bill Snyder's second go-around at K-State, though, it's not acceptable. The legendary coach has identified "intrinsic values" that were lacking in the program under Ron Prince, and his first priority has been to restore some of those objectives, such as leadership and responsibility.

    Add hospitality to the list as well.

Powercat_medium Fourum

  • I plan on making this a daily thing with the Slate as it was a daily thing when I was in school. Call it nostalgia.
    It's 12:19 in the morning. Did anyone else see the UFO on the west side of town?
    I just saw Wefald combing his hair outside Anderson. It was the most adorable thing ever.
    Keep your eyes peeled for the phantom hooligan causing a ruckus on the ninth floor of Haymaker, because apparently his problem is very real and he's driving Sarah nuts.

Powercat_medium Farewells