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K-State Slate: 4/29/2009


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Powercat_medium Football

We've got a lot of football links today, so get some coffee and have a seat.
  • Coach Snyder held another press conference yesterday, and as per usual, it was illuminating:
    "From the beginning of spring practice to where we are right now, the improvement that we wanted to make was kind of like pulling teeth. It was so very, very, gradual. I thought we got to the point at about practice seven, about halfway through, where we were beginning to see improvements and we could define it. Then we took that five day break, the coaches went out on the road and did some recruiting. When we came back, we were set back. What I mean by that is that we didn’t take off where we left off. It set us back maybe three or four days from where we were. The progress began from there and in the last two days, it gets ugly at times, but I have seen us get to a point which well exceeds where we were halfway through. So this past week and yesterday, we have seen marked improvement in a variety of different ways. Like I said at times it can get ugly, and the consistency is certainly not there, but when we step away from all of it, we are better now then we were five practices ago and I think exceedingly better than we were when we started. We are still in the position of what is in front of us is way out there."
  • Jeffrey Martin has a small "K-State notes" section, but it's full of good information.
  • Tim Griffin has ten minutes with Brandon Banks.
  • Griffin also has a post on Carson Coffman's challenge for a starting spot going into the Spring Game.
  • Jeffrey Martin also has an article about Snyder's hopes for Carson.
  • According to Austin Meek, Logan Dold has been moved to safety, and redshirt freshman, Jarell Childs, is now the #2 running back.
  • Meek also has an expanded article (with quotes) about transfer quarterback, Grant Gregory.
  • The Chargers have franchised Darren Sproles, and he's now making $6.6 million this coming season. All of us here at BOTC couldn't be happier for him. If there's ever a guy who deserves this kind of money, it's a class act like Sproles.
  • Reggie "Doo Doo Butter" Walker signed a free agent contract with the Arizona Cardinals.

Powercat_medium Baseball

Powercat_medium Message From the President

Powercat_medium Fourum

  • For the love of God, find the freshmen! And I totally agree that people from Topeka are sketchy. I should know. I'm from there.
    Amber alert: TKE is missing its freshmen.
    Yo, I just wrote on a bathroom stall wall. Take that, society!
    People from Topeka are sketchy.