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K-State Slate: 4/28/2009



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Powercat_medium Baseball

  • #16 K-State returns to Manhattan for a two-game series against the North Dakota Fighting Tibesars. Okay, that may not be their nickname, but there are two things that I'll always remember about the University of North Dakota: Hockey and bad defensive coordinators.
  • For the first time in school history K-State is ranked in every national poll. The current count is:
    • #16 - Baseball America
    • #21 - USA Today/ESPN Coaches' Top 25
    • #21 -
    • #23 - NCBWA Top 30
    • #24 - Collegiate Baseball
  • Blair Kerkhoff has an article regarding the tight Big 12 race.

Powercat_medium Football

  • Austin Meek shares some thoughts about Tampa's recent signing of Josh Freeman. It's a pretty good read:
    But here's what it comes down to for me: You're a 32-year-old rookie coach who got a head job without even serving as a coordinator in the NFL. There are people out there who think you're under-qualified, people who are predicting you will fail. This draft pick is your first major decision as a head coach, and everyone is watching very closely.
  • The AP also has a story about how the lofty expectations of being a first round pick don't phase Freeman.

Powercat_medium Fourum

  • Huge props for the youngsters in dropping a "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego" reference. Huge. Also, we at BOTC would like to congratulate the roomate that lost his V-Card. Way to go, man. Ninety percent chance it was to a Chi-O too.
    If I’m here, and you’re there, then where’s Carmen San Diego?
    Those plants by the sidewalks that look like giant carrots are actually poisoned hemlock. Don’t eat them.
    My roommate finally lost his V-card at age 20. Way to go, buddy.