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K-State Slate: 4/24/2009



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Powercat_medium Football

Powercat_medium Basketball

  • The Wichita Eagle made a correction to their story the other day about K-State's scholarship count:
    A story on Ron Anderson's transfer from Kansas State's basketball team on Page 2D Thursday incorrectly said the Wildcats are one over their scholarship limit. K-State is at, but not beyond, its limit after center Abdul Herrera left the team during the season.
  • Austin Meek has a little more information regarding Martavious Irving.

Powercat_medium Baseball

  • #23 K-State travels to Austin today to face the #2 Texas Longhorns in a three game series. Tonights game begins at 6 PM, and you can listen to it on 1350 KMAN.

Powercat_medium Fourum

For some reason, the Collegian's website is down, so I can't post the Forum today. However, I have my own thoughts that I'd like to pose to the group:

When I drive past a strip club, I always look for a mini-van, and I always see one. For some reason, that's funny to me.
Is it possible for a girl to look hot in cargo shorts?
Whatever happened to those two guys from the band "Nelson"?