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The "Bill Snyder Translator" v.1.0



This is the entire update...

"We've just come off a five-day break in which our coaches visited over 120 schools on a three-day recruiting venture and the players focused more diligently on their school work, strength and conditioning drills while also enjoying a little free time," said head coach Bill Snyder.

"Getting back to the practice field on Monday and Wednesday was a rude awakening. We were not at the same performance level as we were before the break, although I have seen some improvement in most of our special teams units. One of our major issues has been, and continues to be, the focus and intensity with which we practice. The final six practices will involve a great emphasis on that same practice intensity we are lacking, along with improvement on fundamentals, learning assignments, execution and gaining confidence in their performance."

TRANSLATION: I'm not going to tell you shit.

The end.