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K-State Slate: 4-23-2009



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Powercat_medium Basketball

We've got separate articles from Austin Meek and Jeffrey Martin regarding Anderson's transfer:

Powercat_medium Football

What? Do you really think that we've got actual news from Spring Football practice? Of course we don't. You'll have to wait until the Spring Game just like us.

  • Currently, on ESPN Classic, KSU is facing Arizona State in the 2002 Holiday Bowl. Flip on the TV and watch one of Newman's most heroic efforts in defeating a Terrell Suggs lead Sun Devil squad.
  • Tim Griffin follows up on his "Best NFL Players" post with an expanded list. I can't say that I agree, but that's what you get when you use an objective means of measurement as opposed to subjective.

Powercat_medium Fourum

  • It's kind of becoming routine to read the Fourum again. I personally like to read it while I drink my coffee.
    Aren’t guys supposed to think it’s hot when girls sound like transvestites?
    Know what I like about spring? Girls don’t wear much, and I get to laugh all the time at the guys wearing mandals.
    I wish my stomach was bigger, because I’m full and I want more cereal.