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K-State Slate: 4/22/2009


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Powercat_medium Football

  • Austin Meek has tidbits on Josh Freeman's draft status.
    Freeman was reticent to project where he'll be drafted, which is understandable. But after talking with Freeman yesterday, coach Bill Snyder said the current information suggests Freeman will go somewhere between No. 10 and No. 20.
  • Jeffrey Martin has an article about Coach Snyder's teleconference yesterday.
  • Kevin Haskin says that Freeman leaving for the NFL was the right choice.
  • LB Ulla Pomele confirmed what we all "knew"; K-State is scapping the 3-4 defense. Austin Meek gets a few players to talk about the upcoming move to a 4-2-5 alignment.
  • put some free material out there; they gave us the transcript from Bill Snyder's teleconference. Enjoy.

Powercat_medium Women's Basketball

Powercat_medium Fourum

  • Bring on the Fourum, baby!
    To the sexy girls flying the pirate ship kites: I want your body, need your body, as long as you got me you won't need no body.
    Hey do you remember that show The Angry Beavers? Yeah, I heard they're bringing it back. They're calling it The View.
    We just met some aliens. They wanted us to call the Fourum and say beep boop beep beep boop.