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BOTC Tourney Pick 'Em Update: Final Four

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Big thanks to BracketCat for holding things down here while I went on a long trip this weekend and Panjandrum and EMAW have been similaly out of the loop.  With the NCAA Tournament field down to four teams, here's a look at how things stand in our little group.

1.  cm3333 -- 920 points (Champion: Louisville)

2.  MadCat -- 910 points (Champion: UConn)

3.  jonnyfo -- 860 points (Champion: North Carolina)

4.  TB -- 850 points (Champion: Louisville)

5.  mystman995 -- 840 points (Champion: Pitt)

6.  ksupurpleblood 1 -- 770 points (Champion: Syracuse)

7.  toddmm -- 750 points (Champion: Pitt)

T8.  Ohiocats84 -- 740 points (Champion: Pitt)

T8.  BracketCat -- 740 points (Champion: Memphis)

T10.  catman -- 730 points (Champion: Michigan State)

T10.  ksubailey -- 730 points (Champion: North Carolina)

12.  Neither here nor there -- 710 points (Champion: Pitt)

T13.  gw1754 -- 700 points (Champion: Pitt)

T13.  Panjandrum -- 700 points (Champion: Memphis)

15.  rydonmf -- 660 points (Champion: Oklahoma)

Four participants have their national champion still alive even after two one-seeds bit the dust today.  Special props to catman for calling the Michigan State upset over Louisville, as the Spartans might be pretty tough in Detroit.  In other news, apparently it was a bad year for the algorithm as Panjandrum is languishing toward the bottom and lost his national champion to Missouri and its three-quarter-court heave.

I'll announce the prize for the winner after next Monday's championship game.