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BOTC Tourney Pick 'Em Update

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I'll do updates like this after each round of the tournament.  It appears that most of you know way more about picking a bracket than I do.  For the record, my excuse will be, uhh, well, let me think of one...I'll just say that I let emotion get in my way because I pick teams to lose just because I hate them.  Yeah, that's it.  Also, it appears that Panjandrum's world-conquering algorithm is not really conquering the world.

By the way, I'll do my best to figure out which bracket corresponds to which BOTC user, but I'll probably fail on some of them.  Post in the comments which bracket corresponds with your user name and I'll make sure to get it right from now on.

After Round 1:

T1.  jonnyfo -- 96.8 percent (Champion: North Carolina)

T1.  mystman995 -- 96.8 percent (Champion: Pitt)

T1.  cms3333 -- 96.8 percent (Champion: Louisville)

4.  Neither here nor there -- 90.5 percent (Champion: Pitt)

5.  rydonmf -- 77.7 percent (Champion: Oklahoma)

T6.  catman -- 59.3 percent (Champion: Michigan State)

T6.  TB -- 59.3 percent (Champion: Louisville)

T6.  Bracket [This] -- 59.3 percent (Champion: UConn)

T6.  toddmm -- 59.3 percent (Champion: Pitt)

T10.  gw1754 -- 39 percent (Champion: Pitt)

T10.  Panjandrum -- 39 percent (Champion: Memphis)

T12.  ksupurpleblood -- 20.2 percent (Champion: Syracuse)

T12.  ksubailey -- 20.2 percent (Champion: North Carolina)

T14.  Ohiocats84 -- 9.6 percent (Champion: Pitt)

T14.  BracketCat -- 9.6 (Champion: Memphis)