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NIT Results - Round 2 (3/19)




The second round of the NIT has started, and two games were played last night. Granted, neither of these games have an immediate impact on KSU, but it's good to keep abreast of what's going on in the bracket as a whole.

Since the NIT's second round is scattered over the next four days at various sites, we'll also provide today's matchups as well as the scores so you know who plays when (and if they're on TV). Also, in the NIT, for the first three rounds, the higher seed gets the home court advantage unless otherwise denoted.


"Creighton" Region

#2: Notre Dame - 70
#3: New Mexico - 68


"Florida" Region

#2: Penn State - 83
#6: Rhode Island - 72


Today's Games (3/20/2009):


"San Diego St." Region

#1: San Diego St. vs. #4 Kansas State (8:30 PM CST, TV: None)
I made a correction to the time. has the game listed to start at 9:00 PM CST, but it's really 8:30 PM. My apologies...


"Auburn" Region

#1: Auburn vs. #4: Tulsa (7:00 PM CST, TV: None)


"Florida" Region

#1: Florida vs. #4: Miami (FL) (6:00 PM CST, TV: ESPNU)