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BIG 12 CHAMPIONSHIP OUTLOOK: 03.14.09 (Open Game Thread)

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(Leo) Lyons and Tigers and Bears, oh my!

Yesterday's paltry turnout (and that's putting it nicely - it was like a hermit talking to himself) seems to indicate that the BOTC community doesn't really care about the tournament now that the Cats are out, but just in case anyone wants to pop in and root for the North with me, I'll put up one last discussion thread for the week.

Sagarin's prediction: No. 3 Missouri 75, No. 9 Baylor 69 (5 p.m.)

Take it with a grain of salt; it's not like he's been right about Baylor at all this week. That said, I do believe the Tigers will hoist the trophy, but Baylor is proving why they play the games on a court and not on paper.

Yesterday's Results

  • No. 9 Baylor 76, No. 5 Texas 70
  • No. 3 Missouri 67, No. 7 Oklahoma State 59

In the battle royale of the middle four odd-numbered seeds (3, 5, 7 and 9), it will be 3 and 9 that square off tonight for the "other" Big 12 Championship and - for the Bears, at least - a much-needed automatic bid to the Big Dance.

Our collective polling instincts finally performed worse than Sagarin; more than half of the BOTC community expected a Missouri-Texas final, although 10 insightful individuals correctly picked the actual match-up.