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BIG 12 TOURNAMENT OUTLOOK: 03.13.09 (Open Game Thread)

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I will admit, I didn't really feel all that motivated to put this together, given that the whole thing loses some of its luster when the Cats are out, but just like I kept going to the games in person last year to the bitter end (yes, I actually sat through that entire Rock Chalk fest), I persevered for you, the loyal blog reader.

No computer ranking chart today, though. Really, what's the fraking point? OSU's in, A&M's probably in and the Cats are going to the NIT. Not really anything else to add, you know?

Sagarin Predictions

  1. No. 5 Texas 72, No. 9 Baylor 69 (6 p.m.)
  2. No. 3 Missouri 75, No. 7 Oklahoma State 72 (8:20 p.m.)

Yesterday's Results

  • No. 9 Baylor 71, No. 1 Kansas 64
  • No. 5 Texas 61, No. 4 Kansas State 58
  • No. 7 Oklahoma State 71, No. 2 Oklahoma 70
  • No. 3 Missouri 81, No. 11 Texas Tech 60

Apparently the correct answer to the poll question was actually "E: Damn near all of the above." Missouri actually was the lowest vote-getter, however, so good call on that.

I was 2 of 4 on picks, but who really cares? The fact that Sagarin sucks at predicting these outcomes is precisely why tournaments are so much damn fun.

P.S. The weird pattern continued. Even-numbered seeds were winless in the tournament this year. Strange.