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BIG 12 TOURNAMENT OUTLOOK: 03.12.09 (Open Game Thread)

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This is essentially the same feature as yesterday, as the chart of computer rankings must wait another day because the impact of Wednesday's games will not show up in the rankings until Thursday, well after I write this.

There is some brief discussion of yesterday's games after the jump. Also, this will again function as an open discussion thread throughout the day, although TB may also be posting a thread solely for K-State's game against Texas. Feel free to use either - I will be checking both regularly.

Sagarin Predictions

  1. No. 1 Kansas 75, No. 9 Baylor 68 (11:30 a.m.)
  2. No. 5 Texas 72, No. 4 Kansas State 69 (2 p.m.)
  3. No. 2 Oklahoma 76, No. 7 Oklahoma State 71 (6 p.m.)
  4. No. 3 Missouri 75, No. 11 Texas Tech 62 (8:20 p.m.)

All of today's games will air on the Big 12 Network.

Yesterday's Results

  • No. 9 Baylor 65, No. 8 Nebraska 49
  • No. 5 Texas 67, No. 12 Colorado 56
  • No. 7 Oklahoma State 81, No. 10 Iowa State 67
  • No. 11 Texas Tech 88, No. 6 Texas A&M 83

I did pretty good yesterday - called the Baylor performance, nailed Colorado's exact point total and, despite my personal feelings on the issue, acknowledged that Oklahoma State would likely win.

But I freely admit I blew the biggest pick of the day: Mike Singletary 43, Texas A&M in the 2nd Half 35. I did not see that one coming - well, let me amend that. I saw the potential for an upset, but I certainly did not foresee Tech being able to f*** around for 30 minutes and still come back in the last minute and win, all because of one out-of-his-mind player.

To your credit, though, you (the BOTC community) did. 10 enterprising souls voted for the Aggies in the poll, making them the highest vote-getter for a predicted upset. Good call, guys.

Weird pattern of the day: Only odd-numbered seeds advanced. Even-numbered seeds did not. I guess that doesn't bode well for the Cats, does it?