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BIG 12 TOURNAMENT OUTLOOK: 03.11.09 (Open Game Thread)

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For today, at least, this will be short and sweet - a quick poll of Mr. Sagarin to see who should win today, just in time for it all to get shot to hell by that wonderful phenomenon known as parity. (Pomeroy does not project postseason games.) Just for fun, I'll make up some predicted scores, too.

All of today's games will air on the Big 12 Network:

  1. No. 9 Baylor 68, No. 8 Nebraska 67 (11:30 a.m.)
  2. No. 5 Texas 72, No. 12 Colorado 56 (2 p.m.)
  3. No. 7 Oklahoma State 71, No. 10 Iowa State 62 (6 p.m.)
  4. No. 6 Texas A&M 69, No. 11 Texas Tech 62 (8:20 p.m.)

K-State fans should probably root for Iowa State, Texas and Texas Tech. I don't think the winner of Baylor-Nebraska is relevant; I can't see either one of those teams getting past Kansas tomorrow.

As I mentioned earlier, feel free to use this entry as a live discussion thread today. I'll try to pop in throughout the day, but work will keep me away for most of the morning session.

Tomorrow, I will bring back the full table with the computer rankings; I just didn't have time tonight and nothing will have changed that much since Sunday given that there have been no Big 12 games since then.