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All right, I have finally updated and corrected the last three PP posts. Here's some quick links:

That will have to tide you over for a while. When I'm even running late on Big 12 Outlook, which I know to be my more popular feature, it's time for a hiatus. How about one week? That should give me time to work ahead a little. Plus, I think this trial I am helping to cover might end this week, so the craziness at work should subside somewhat.

So, look for Selection Sunday 2003* to show up at the usual time this Sunday, which should give you something to help you ignore your hangover after celebrating a big win over the cheaters. I will get the 2002 stats up sometime later this week. As for the weekend edition of Big 12 Outlook, I will try to post it before Big Monday tips off, but no promises.

*I should add that I am pondering a change to the field. In 2003, the BCS standings expanded from 15 to 25 teams, which means I might be able to expand the field from 16 teams to 20 or 24, I guess. It's more work for me, but I am curious what you, the readers, would like to see.

Give me some feedback in the comments if you'd like to see more, less or what have you. (Constructive comments only, please. Remember that the point of this exercise is to lay the groundwork for what a playoff should look like so we can print it off, tape it to a baseball bat and repeatedly hit college presidents upside the head with it.)