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Sunday Grab Bag (2/8/09)

Well, hopefully everyone has digested yesterday's big win in College Station, and we're all ready to look forward to another big week.  The men have big games against Texas Tech (Wednesday) and Kansas (Saturday).  The women have the week off as they don't play until next Sunday (Oklahoma State).  However, in the meantime, why don't we link what other folks are talking about this weekend:

Tim Griffin checked in last Thursday with a recruiting capsule for KSU. He praised the signing to Oklahoma running back Tim Flanders, but he gave KSU a "C-" for an overall grade.

He had this to say about Bill Snyder's second "first foray" into recruiting:

So this is why Bill Snyder got back into football? The veteran coach struggled in his first recruiting foray, failing to attract much star power. Snyder mentioned several times this week that his first recruiting class since his return to coaching was similar to his first at the school in 1989. That's probably not a good sign, considering the Wildcats' early struggles when Snyder took over.

Tim, little do you realize that a "C-" grade from Snyder beats a "D-" grade from Prince, which is what were were heading straight for had he not been canned earlier in the year.

Speaking of recruiting, if you haven't checked out the Signing Day page on, go there. They've got video and profiles up for all of the new players. Good stuff.

Jeffrey Martin has a nice post game article up for the A&M game. Here is a nice tidbit about Clemente:

Once he arrived, he screamed at the "Reed Rowdies." And when the Wildcats finally left the floor, Clemente playfully taunted the fans again, cupping his ear with his hand.

Just three weeks ago, when K-State (16-7, 5-4) was mired in a four-game losing streak, such a display would have been ludicrous -- almost as much as Clemente's explanation.

"At the beginning, it was so loud, I couldn't call a play," said the junior guard, smiling. "And at the end, I didn't hear anybody.... Where the people at?"

I like it Denis. This team has a swagger about it now. Regardless of how the rest of the season plays out, we all like seeing the fire and competitive spirit of this team. That kind of confidence is what separates the good teams from the average ones. Keep it up, and more importantly, keep backing it up.

If you're interested in the post-game audio, has links to .mp3 files for both teams' coaches and players.  Mark Turgeon, specifically, sounds like he just found out that he has six months to live.

Not trying to be an ass or anything, but I take pleasure in his pain.  Stupid Jayhawk.