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Dear Bill...

Dear Bill,

I know that this may come as a shock to you, but I've recently accepted a position with the University of California.  It was an honor to have worked for you for the past six weeks, but I have have to do what's best for me.

Jeff and I have always shared a connection that we can't explain.  He was at Fresno, and I was at Fresno.  He was the offensive coordinator at Oregon, and I was the offensive coordinator at Oregon.  Even though we haven't coached together, I've always felt, deep in my heart, that someday we'd be together.  And somehow, in some weird way, I always knew it was meant to be.

Please don't hate me, Bill.  Know that I will always cherish our short time together, and that I'll carry this experience with me...always.





P.S. - I can't seem to put into words what Jeff and I have together that would make me want to leave so abruptly, but hopefully, this will help explain.  Best of luck!

somewhere out there - an american tail (via BlueButterfly236)