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OPEN GAME THREAD: Washington State

All right, game on.

The key to tonight's game, to me, is: Can Dominique Sutton shut down, or at least mitigate, Klay Thompson? If he can, I think we have the advantage in the paint and our veteran guards will help us offset the Cougars' perimeter scoring.

In all reality, if our team gets its head straight and shows up to play, we will win this game because we have better talent. The reason we're all worried is because it's a referendum on the team's mentality, and in essence, its season prospects.

I guess we'll see. But I'm optimistic and I trust Frank. Should be a fun one.

As always, feel free to discuss today's football or basketball games in the comments. There's a pretty good one going on in Lexington, Ky., right now.