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BIG 12 ROUNDTABLE: BracketCat Edition



Just me, myself and I this week. Not much point to block-quoting, I guess, so I'll spare you the formatting craziness. Thanks to Clone Chronicles for this week's questions.

1. Other than Texas most likely winning the South, and Baylor likely going o-fer in the conference, there's a lot of uncertainty with teams jockeying for position in the Big 12. As the teams head into this 3 or 4 game stretch, what concerns do you have about your team? What would be considered a good season, and what would be considered a bad season? If you've already decided it's a good season or bad season regardless of what happens down the stretch, what's the storyline you're looking for as we head into the final month of the regular season?

All I really care about right now is beating KU. I would say that with five wins against a much more difficult schedule than we had in 2008, with a clear improvement in the play on the field, we already can say conclusively that it has been a good season, even if we go 0-3 in November. Everything from here is just gravy, baby.

Given that, the big storyline is this: Can Snyder go 3-0 against Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska after three years of Ron Prince going 0-3 against them? These three games sort of define the season -- everything until now has proceeded roughly as foreseen, at least as far as win-loss record is concerned. Maybe not the Lousiana game, and certainly not the margins of loss (Texas Tech and Oklahoma) or victory (Texas A&M), but we're about where I thought we could be. I had KU and Mizzou as toss-ups in August. Now we get to see what we're really made of.

2. We haven't had a chance to talk a lot of about of the individual players. Some have performed as expected, others have had breakout seasons, while others haven't had the greatest season in 2009. By now, you're probably seen a handful of other Big 12 teams play. Pick one player on each side of the ball from another Big 12 team that you've been the most impressed with, and what about them has caught your attention.

Do they have to be from the same team? Hope not, because mine aren't.

On offense, I'd have to say Steven Sheffield. No one had ever heard of this guy, probably not even Texas Tech fans. But now we know him to be the most ruthless and savage destroyer of hopes and dreams this league might ever see. If he had played against Kansas, Tech would have scored at least 60. Whenever he gets healthy again, Tech instantly becomes a power in the South, especially considering how many seniors will depart Texas after this season.

On defense, I'll go with Von Miller. He's putting up freak numbers that would make even Ian Campbell blush. Going in, we all knew Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy and Sergio Kindle and Jeremy Beal would be badasses, but Miller is a huge part of Texas A&M's improvement this season. Impressive player with a bright future.

Normally, I'd pick a special teams player on general principle because the third phase of the game always is overlooked, but Brandon Banks is destroying the field so much here that I can't, given the "rules" of the exercise.


3. What is your take on the Big 12 TV situation? It seems like every week, we have at least one Big 12 game that gets zero TV coverage, while many games are on stations that not every cable company/satellite carrier picks up (like Fox College Sports and Versus). As a Big 12 fan, do you think a change of some sort is needed, or are you happy with the coverage? Does it hurt the Big 12 that not every game is televised?

As usual, the TV package sucks. K-State almost is on the verge of winning the Big 12 North despite making zero appearances on ABC, ESPN or ESPN2. That's retarded. Meanwhile, the flagging Jayhawks get three out of four games on ABC, and even Iowa State gets an ABC game at home. I'm not complaining, because we're 3-0 on FCS and I look forward to possibly going 2-0 on Versus, but how lame is it that the first national exposure the potential second Miracle in Manhattan might receive would be the Big 12 Championship?

The Big 12's lack of revenue sharing still sucks, too, but that's a post for another time.


4. Let's say you had a friend that's been living under a rock the past few months, and they want to know how your team's season has gone. You only want to spend a few minutes on it, you don't want to get into the game-by-game details, so you decide to play the song that best describes your team's season thus far. What song are you playing?

Oh, hell, I don't know. "Back in the Saddle Again"? Or maybe "I Get Knocked Down," to illustrate between the difference between this year's team and last year's, i.e. one of them gets back up again, even after being drubbed 66-14?


5. Power Rank the teams! If you find it too difficult, or don't want to participate, rank the teams based on your projected Bowl Selection Order (just make sure you designate what you are doing. Also keep in mind that K-State is the only team in the conference with 2 FCS wins, so they need to get to 7 in order to be bowl eligible)

I don't anything sorted itself out last week. Oh, sure, we had a "moral victory" — whatever the hell that is — but the real testing begins this week.

1. Texas
2. Oklahoma
3. Oklahoma State
4. Texas Tech
T5. Nebraska
T5. Missouri
T5. Texas A&M
T5. Kansas
T5. Iowa State
T5. Kansas State
11. Baylor
12. Colorado