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K-State Slate, 10/8/09



For some reason I thought this was a foregone conclusion, but apparently it's still up in the air whether Taylor Potts will start this Saturday for Texas Tech.  Either way, the defense is still going to have to bring it, because backup Steven Sheffield threw three TD passes last week in relief duty.  Potts suffered a concussion last week, which makes me think it's highly unlikely he'll play.

On our own injury front, speculation abounds about when DE Brandon Harold may return to the lineup.  Given that he's back at practice, some believe it could happen this weekend.  Snyder's playing it coy, which I'm sure you're all surprised to hear.

Kevin Haskin is back with his weekly mid-week musings.  Gotta love this quote from Bill Snyder:

Best line from Snyder's press conference Tuesday concerned the Tech crowd. "People are going to talk about your mother down there," he said.


Both the men's and women's basketball teams will have open practices soon.  I may have to go check those out while I'm in town for the next couple football games.

Sounds like more good news on the B-Easy front.  And you have to love this quote from Frank Martin:

"As soon as he made his decision (to seek treatment), Dalonte (Hill, Martin's assistant coach and a longtime Beasley mentor) got in a plane and flew down to spend a week with him. Mike told him, 'Bring some K-State gear. I want to be happy again,' and we did."

Remember, if you're in the Kansas City area, that you'll have a chance to see B-Easy play one week from today at Sprint Center.  I'll be there in my No. 30 jersey.


The team's struggles continued as they were swept by Texas A&M in College Station.  Also, the match with Texas Tech, which had been postponed due to flu issues at Tech, has been rescheduled for November 8.

Around the Big 12

Standout Oklahoma State receiver Dez Bryant has been suspended by the NCAA.  Sounds like it may be a bit of a misunderstanding, so maybe the NCAA will reinstate him.  Ohhhh, wait, for a second I thought I was talking about an organization that did things that make sense.  Nevermind.

Don't forget that the weekend's Big 12 action kicks off tonight with Missouri vs. Nebraska.

Also, drop by Double T Nation for the best coverage of Texas Tech around.  Please don't come back here afterward and ask me why I don't pump out as many long, informative posts as Seth C does.  Nobody really knows how he does it.  I would say he's a machine, but I've met him in person before.

Up at Corn Nation, JLew's Cob of the Week goes to Farmageddon.  Yep, you can direct all correspondence to Bob Krause, at 717 Glad I'm Not You Drive, Nowhere, KS 66602.

The Fourum


I've just officially seen the first Eski-ho of the year. Let the watch parties begin.

To the person who called about K-State being lucky the other day: Being lucky is better than being a cheater any day.

It's funny when people run with backpacks on.

To the cute girls walking the cute dogs: You can continue walking in front of my house.

To the Asian boy at the stoplight today jamming out to Taylor Swift: You made my day.