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K-State Slate, 10/5/09



You have to love this headline from the Topeka Capital-Journal: Cats win barn-burner in KC.  Farmageddon -- It's fantastic!

Lost in all the dismay about playing a neutral-site game against Iowa State was the silver lining.  At least we're going to make some money off this deal.  From the Manhattan Mercury, Cole Manbeck chips in on the changing landscape of college football scheduling.

In his questions for this game, Austin Meek explored which running back would have a better game, whether special teams would help or hurt the Cats, and whether Farmageddon was a good idea.  Here are the answers.

The report card for the Iowa State game is out, and it's really nice to see those higher grades against an FBS opponent.

No doubt about it, Grant Gregory was the story of the day for K-State fans.  Well, OK, that Emmanuel Lamur guy was pretty good, too.

Good news for next week: you don't have to travel to Lubbock to see the game live.  FSN has picked up the K-State/Texas Tech game for a 6 p.m. telecast.


One sport in which we do not have a hex on Texas is volleyball, as the No. 2-ranked Longhorns swept K-State on Friday.

The Fourum

No Fourum as of 7:55 a.m. today.  If it's posted later, someone please post it in the comments.