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Five Questions: Crimson and Cream Machine

While Oklahoma is not having a typical Oklahoma season, they're still a formidable opponent, especially in Norman.  Here today is ccmachine from the SB Nation blog Crimson and Cream Machine, to answer a few questions about the Sooners for us.

Oklahoma hasn't had a season like this since 2005.  What's the mood among the faithful right now?

ccmachine: I think that most level headed OU fans are understanding towards the situation at OU right now. We quickly watched this team move from championship contender to a program that’s rebuilding and there’s some frustration that goes with injuries. The thing is though, you can’t blame injuries on coaching or poor play on the field. It is what it is and we have to deal with it.
In 2005 OU lost three of their first five games but then went on to win 6 of their last seven games with that lone loss being at Texas Tech in controversial fashion. The experience that those youngsters gained that season propelled the Sooners on to three consecutive Big 12 championships from 2006-09. Here’s to hoping that history repeats itself!

What did a win over a ranked team -- even if it was horribly overranked KU -- signify for this OU team?

ccmachine: The first thing it did was snap a four game losing streak to ranked teams. Then it gave Oklahoma a quality win on the road which in turn gave this team some much needed confidence. Landry Jones found a new target in Adron Tennell who had his best game (receptions wise) with 6 catches. Oklahoma’s defense also turned in another solid outing by shutting down what could be the most potent offense in the North proving that last week’s stellar performance against Texas wasn’t a fluke.

The understudy has been called upon to take the star's place in the Oklahoma! musical this year.  Is Landry Jones the future at quarterback, or is he just a stopgap until either a recruit or a redshirt are ready to step in next year?

ccmachine: Oklahoma has another quarterback on campus in Drew Allen who actually pushed Jones in camp for the #2 spot. However, with Bradford on the shelf for the remainder of the season the coaches are going to keep the redshirt on Allen unless something catastrophic happens and the Sooners lose another quarterback. Highly touted quarterback Blake Bell from Wichita, KS will be on campus next year could make things very interesting but at this point I would say that the job is Landry’s to lose.

This is completely out of left field, but I'm going to ask it anyway, given that there was some unrest among Sooners fans after the 3-3 start.  Bob Stoops is, from a championships perspective, far and away the most accomplished coach in the Big 12.  Is there any way he leaves Norman other than of his own accord?

ccmachine: Bob Stoops will write his own ending in Norman. Only the most unrealistic fans would call for him to step down after what the team has experienced this year. It’s amazing how quickly some people forget 6 conference championships and a national title in 11 seasons. Seriously, who could they get to come and do a better job? Urban Meyer and Pete Carroll are pretty secure and would have no interest in coming to Norman. If you get rid of Stoops you’ve got to have someone better and those guys (you could literally name them on one hand) aren’t available. 

What is a realistic goal for OU this season?  What would you consider a success, given that winning a national title and (probably) winning the conference title are out of the picture?

ccmachine: I still think that OU has a shot at 10 wins when you include the bowl game. We’ve discussed on our site that this team is building to make a Big 12 title run next year but that doesn’t mean that this season is a wash. In light of not winning another Big 12 Championship I think that making it to one of the more prestigious of the non-BCS bowls (Cotton/Holiday) would be an acceptable measure of success.