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Countdown to Farmageddon: 1 Day

Over the last few days, we've tried to find ways to embrace the simultaneous absurdity and awesomeness that is "Farmageddon".  We've tried to find ways to embrace the "country" in this game, but there's one final piece of the puzzle necessary to display the vibrant and beautiful nature of this gloriously awful football game.

One of the things that "country" people like is shitty hair metal.  I don't get it either, but really, they do.  If there's one type of music a young mullet sporting, Wrangler wearing young man will listen to as he gets into his jacked up 4x4, it's 80's hair metal.

And there's only one 80's song that captures the dynamic maelstrom where awesome and awful meet at the same level as this game...

Ladies and gentlemen, Farmageddon is this epic.  Jesus's THIS EPIC!!!

Europe - The Final Countdown (Live) (via richorico)