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K-State Slate, 10/1/09



Is there a new name in town for Farmageddon?  Curtis Kitchen proposes "Farma-get-it-over-with."  He's right, of course, this was a terrible idea from the beginning, even if it brings in marginally more revenue than if we had just played on campus.  And I don't want to sound like I'm criticizing John Currie's staff for playing this game up as much as it can, because he's trying to make the best out of a bad situation.  Unfortunately, as much as I'd like to just play in Manhattan next year, we're under contract for this thing, and I doubt we can afford to go buying more contracts out.  Truman Sports Complex FTW!

As Bracket and Pan mentioned in the Roundtable, Tysyn Hartman is one player on defense that the rest of the conference may not be giving enough credit.  He's made a nice transition to safety, where he's one of the bright spots on a K-State defense that currently ranks 10th in the country.  Take that ranking with the grain of salt it requires, given that we've played two FCS teams and offensively challenged teams like ULL and UCLA.  Still, it's quite a change from last season, even if the unit does finish the season ranked 40 or 50 spots lower than it is now.


Fox Sports Kansas City has announced its basketball schedule for this season, and 11 K-State games will be shown.  It includes a good chunk of the non-conference schedule, which is welcome news.

Topeka Imitates KU

In case you missed it, a big fight broke out last Friday in the Highland Park vs. Topeka High football game.  If you have any interest in Topeka high school football, this Kevin Haskin column is worth a read.

The Fourum


If you can't park between the lines, you deserve to be door-dinged. Just saying.

Beth, seriously, you need to watch the Lion King. It's called the circle of life for a reason. If chickens were so smart, we'd say that everything tastes like human.

Beth Mendenhall, in reading about your last article, I was surprised to find that you cared about the male chicken.