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With Apologies to Luis Colon

Though I sometimes like to think so, I am not always right.  I always try to do my best to gather all the available information, read, consider and analyze it, and then make a judgment about what it all means.  Sometimes my conclusion is quite prescient.  Other times it's quite wrong.

This is one of the latter times.  As such, I want this to be considered my official apology to Luis Colon.  Lu, if you read this, you can ask my fiancee how incredible it is that you're hearing me say "I'm sorry."

You see, back in July 2007, I called for Colon to be dismissed from the K-State basketball program.  He had just been charged with simple assault for punching a student on campus.    During the previous season, he had been ejected from a game against Cal for sucker punching a Cal player.  Further, I didn't consider his play that first year anything resembling impressive.  In short, I thought he was an overweight, uncoordinated, unskilled hothead.

Nearly two years later, I'm apologizing.  Colon has gone from overweight to in-shape.  Really, his body makeover during the last offseason was nothing short of amazing.  He's also gone from a guy who averaged 2.0 points and 1.8 rebounds in 29 games to a guy who averages 5.4 points and 5.0 rebounds per game.  Not numbers that will garner all-conference honors, but on this team, Big Lu isn't expected to score.

More importantly, Colon appears to have his emotions in check.  No more punching students on campus -- a later, anonymous message in response to my post advocating his dismissal from the team claimed the fight was a response to a racial confrontation -- no more rabbit-punching opponents, no more pouting and throwing his headband.  Now he hustles up and down the court like his life depends on being the first player back on defense.  I wish I had some video of Big Lu pumping those arms up and down the court.

There's always a place at K-State for a role player who busts his ass for the team, the school and its fans.  We appreciate it, Luis.  Keep it up.