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It's KU Week - Abbreviated Version


I'll be honest with you; I hate the KSU/KU game being on a Tuesday. For me, I like having several days to let the burning hate churn inside of me. I like to peruse KU message boards and blogs, read things that incense me (basically, any acknoweldgement that KU is anything but the embodiment of Satan's work on Earth), and poke at the burning anger that I have towards those bastards like a man moving around hot charcoals inside of a Weber grill.

Part of being a fan is allowing your world view to skew into an alternate reality where your team is the embodiment of good, and your arch nemisis is evil incarnate.  It doesn't matter that they may or may not be (but KU is), but to you, it's important.  It allows you to foster the us vs. them mindset necessary to create the group mentality that makes being a part of a fanbase so enjoyable.  Every good story needs a good villain so to speak.

So, in the story of a KSU fan, this week is another meaningful chapter.  It's yet another battle against the antithesis of all you know and believe in.  It's another opportunity to watch good battle evil.  And it's another reason to mock KU's dorky players.

So, take heed all who ally with the Dirty Birds...there will be no quarter.  There will be no sportsmanship.  There will be no sympathy.  And, if Kansas State loses, there will be no justice.

May good triumph over evil, and may the best man (Kansas State) win.