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The Ron Prince Translator (1.3)


Considering that I'll be continuing my blogging activities at 'Bring on the Cats' from now on, I figured that I'd bring over 'The Ron Prince Translator' as well. Since I started the naming convention over at my former site (Chronicles of a K-State Fan), I'll just keep it and pick up where I left off.

Let's see what the end result was after I decoded this week's press conference with my secret Ron Prince decoder ring...


Opening statement...
"We are real pleased to be 2-0 and be in the situation that we are in right now. We wanted to go into this game 2-0, to have as many people participate and as healthy as possible so we can put on the best performance that we can. We think this is a great game for our program and for our university to be able to share the national stage with an opponent. There is no other team in town, so everyone will be watching. For that reason, it is important for us to put on a good performance and that is what we will work on in the next 10 days. We are real excited about it. We know we have some things we need to work on from a special-teams standpoint. We are still not we want to be or where we could be, but we had some terrific individual performances and a couple units that performed real well. Defensively, we can tackle better and improve our play at linebacker. We can improve our offense, particularly the running game and with our offensive line. Other than that, we are about where we expected or hoped to be, but we will know a lot more about our team when we come back from playing this game.

"This is a really good team. They are terrific in rush defense - that doesn't surprise me. They have been excellent that way for a couple of years now since we have been following them. Watching the ticker or some of the news items that come by, you really don't have sense of what kind of team you are going to face, but we know that they are a fast and strong team, really built not dissimilar to the SEC teams. That is one of the reasons why we picked this matchup a long ago. We thought when we signed this deal that this is as good a team that you'll find out there with NFL players, with high caliber facilities and expectations with that type of thing. I'm not disappointed at all after watching film. This is going to be a heck of a matchup for us. When it comes to turnovers and tackles for loss and run defense and all the things that you want your program to be known for, that is what they do and they do best, so it will take our very best effort. Defensively on third down they are terrific, as well as red zone defense, so this will be quite a challenge for us."

TRANSLATION: If we improve our tackling, blocking, running, jumping, communication, stop calling for stupid on-side kicks, select better Gatorade, improve the pre-game skits with the mascot, and bring the kettle corn back to the concession stand menu, this could be a heck of a year.

Josh Freeman doesn't need to improve though.  He's a bad ass.


On the linebackers' performance...
"What we are finding is that we are in position to make some plays. We just need to be as aggressive towards making those plays as we can. This is not an issue of not being in position to make the play, even though there has been a time where the scheme of the other team has done a nice job of getting us out of position a little bit, but the plays are there to be made - we just need to make them. That is the biggest thing. When you go on the road, you've got to do a real good job of run defense, so I'll be real concerned about that because this team can play it real well. From a pass-defense standpoint, that hasn't been the issue with our linebackers. Hitting on the runs, being precise and making tackles is what we are looking for."

TRANSLATION: Blah, blah, blah, tackling, blah, blah, blah, we can't tackle worth a damn, blah, blah, blah, Tibesar better fix that quick or he's on the next train to Fargo.


On the defense...
"I don't want to paint so broad of a picture that it sounds like every player is doing poorly all the time because that's not the case. It is just that this is a linebacker-driven defense and we have to perform really well and it is intended to be very discipline and also create some opportunities. For example, two weeks in a row now we've had five gains of zero yards, so, with a little better focus, those could have all been tackles for loss. In two games now we've had two or three gains for one yard and, with a little more attention to detail and focus, those all could have been tackles for loss. So we had the opportunity in this last game to have 17 tackles for loss, but that's not how many we ended up with. So we know that the game being literally a number of inches, if we face a really confirmed offensive line and running attack, we could be in really big trouble. So we need to make sure we are tightening down all the details."

TRANSLATION: I feel very confirmed that our linebackers aren't confirmed, and all this confirms to me is that we need to be more confirmed in how we approach our game day preparation.

I can't stress how confirmed I feel about this poor tacking.  I promise that if it doesn't improve, I can confirm that a slew of new JUCO guys will be confirmed in those starting spots next year.


On position movement...
"If we need to move people, we will. It is not something we are set on right now. We think we have a nice group of them. As you can see, we've played quite a few of them in the game. We know that is part of it - getting guys settled in, but we also think we have to keep the standard real high and we'll continue to do that."

TRANSLATION: I'm spending most of my free time figuring out who I can move over to running back.


On Josh Freeman...
"I think he is at the place in his career where he's ready to round out the things he is capable of. There is some things that we haven't shown yet, but he is at that place now where is able to contribute in a lot of different ways. He has taken that and done a nice job with it. When he finds that opportunities are there, then we want him to take them. Then we obviously have some things that are organized for him to do that. I've been fortunate enough to be around a number of different types of quarterbacks and a number of different ways to develop a quarterback and I think it takes a couple of years for a quarterback to come on and perform in a certain way. I think when you have a player that doesn't redshirt and plays as a true freshman the competition of the games, actually going to class and all the functions of being a player at this level meets his attention. If a player sits and redshirts his first couple years, then he could have a couple of those things ready when he plays, but those who come and perform and have to win for you right now, the last thing you want them to do is thinking too much on the field. You want them to just go out there and play as fast as they can. So that is how we have tried to bring this quarterback along and he's got great aptitude for the game. He's got obviously a terrific body and lots of tools and we want him to use every single one of them that he has."

TRANSLATION: Josh Freeman is a golden god, and my sun rises and sets on either side of that glorious man-mountain.


On Freeman's efficiency...
"We went back and studied those teams that have winning in common, not only in the Big 12 Conference, but throughout the country. We have looked at the quarterbacks that have performed at that level and we think there are some standards. I think it varies from conference to conference and style to style, but what we wanted to do was improve our passing efficiency. Last year I think Josh was 68th in passing efficiency. He had a great year lots of the year and did a lot of nice things. In the last half of the season, he had a very good consistency and efficiency and cut down his interceptions. I think anytime you have quarterbacks in the 70-percent range, you are dealing with terrific quarterbacks and systems and a really define system of how they want to get the ball to their wide receivers."

TRANSLATION: Josh Freeman makes me look scary smart.