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I Survived Ike

Hello BOTCers, it's me, TB. I would like to let you all know that I have survived Hurricane Ike. For those of you who haven't experienced a hurricane before, it's kind of like being in a tornado that lasts for six hours. We made it through and actually got our power back, although more than 1.5 million customers (that's more like 4 million people total) are still without power. This Internet access is also temporary.

Today I swung by my campus, the University of Houston, and it looks like a war zone. Well, a war zone in which the combatants were trees. The administration has decided we are starting class tomorrow, although class attendance is non-mandatory. Which brought to mind the question in the poll below.

Anyway, I'm back and should be able to resume semi-normal posting soon. Big thanks to Centerpoint Energy for getting the power back on at my house so I can watch the K-State/Louisville game Wednesday night. Mucho props to Panjandrum for keeping things going around here in my absence, and to all of you readers for sticking around.