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When You Don't Know, Ask: Four Questions with Tim Dumas

To help us become familiar with this weekend's opponent, the Montana State Bobcats of Bozeman, Mont., I called upon Tim Dumas.  Tim is the sports editor for the Bozeman Daily Chronicle.  Keep track of the Bobcats this week by following Tim's coverage via the Blue & Gold page.  With that, here's Tim's insight into Montana State.

BOTC:  K-State fans (or at least me) don't have the faintest idea what kind of offense and defense Montana State runs.  Can you give us some insight into how the Bobcats will line up on each side of the ball?

Tim Dumas: On offense, the team is trying to go with a more "spread" approach, but most of the time, they use a one-back, two-tight-end lineup. Once in a while, they'll throw a fullback in there or four wideouts so they are not exactly Texas Tech. They have a new QB this season, Oregon transfer Cody Kempt, a lefty, and aren't afraid to use backup Mark Iddins, a JC guy. On defense, they run a 4-3 and are pretty strong against the run and pass.  Linebacker Bobby Daly is known as one of the best MLBs in the Football Championship Subdivision (rolls right off the tongue, doesn't it?) and Dane Fletcher is fast off the D-line.
BOTC: I see that former K-State standout quarterback Jonathan Beasley is on coach Rob Ash's staff as the wide receivers coach.  Have you had much interaction with Beasley, and if so, how has he been working out at Montana State?

Tim Dumas: I've spoken to him a few times and he gives mostly structured quotes.  Coach Ash seems to like him, but it's hard to tell how effective Beasley is since the Bobcats do not have an established deep threat or go-to guy.  That unit's best player might be true freshman DeSean Thomas out of Texas.  He also returns kicks.
BOTC: A few years ago, the Bobcats knocked off Colorado.  Are the MSU coaches using that game as a blueprint for this weekend, or is that ancient history?

Tim Dumas: I think it's history since very few coaches are still here from that game.  The current staff is using the "we wouldn't play the game if we didn't think we could win it" approach. But there are players who were with the team when they won at CU, so anything's possible.
BOTC: Do you have a prediction for how this game will turn out?

Tim Dumas: Usually my predictions are way off base .... but, since MSU is coming off a performance against a Division II team which, therefore, isn't an accurate gauge ... and since playing a Big 12 team sometimes isn't either, I'm not sure what to expect. I think they'll struggle to contain Freeman, and that will open up other options as well.

I know, I've evaded the question and in doing so, what fun is that? So here goes: K-State 31, MSU 10.

Thanks to Tim for participating.  Good luck to Montana State this season, except for this weekend, of course.  More on the Bobcats as the week progresses.