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SBNation All-Big 12 Preseason Team, or, How Other Big 12 Bloggers Royally Gypped Keithen Valentine

Over the last few weeks, the other SBN Big 12 bloggers and I have been putting together a preseason all-conference team.  Kind of like the traditional media's preseason team, except better.  Well, except for my picks.

You can find the results from the poll over at The Ralphie Report.  Overall it's a pretty good team, but already some bloggers are bitching about the results.  First, you should know that each blogger was not permitted to vote for players on his team.  Second, you should know that one Big 12 running back got royally screwed over.

As I read corn blight's post about Marlon Lucky getting the shaft, I couldn't help but think to myself: "The real travesty is that Keithen Valentine didn't get voted first team.  Or second team."

I mean, c'mon.  Yeah, so he's a transfer from Mississippi Delta Community College.  So he's a walk-on.  But you should see the numbers this guy has put up.  First, I shouldn't need to remind you how important a spring game is.  So you know what a feat it was for Valentine to put up 103 yards in the K-State spring game.  Need I remind you, this was 103 yards against a defensive unit that was responsible for the 3-0 final score.

Take notice, Big 12.  Keithen Valentine owns a big pair of boots, which are soon to be wedged sideways up your ass.