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Kicking the Tires: North Texas

Obviously I'll be using stats from last year for my previews of both teams in this post.  Let's get right to it.

Team Stats

Total Offense

K-State -- 40th

North Texas -- 47th

Total Defense

K-State -- 69th

North Texas -- 113th

Scoring Offense

K-State -- 18th

North Texas -- 77th

Scoring Defense

K-State -- 86th

North Texas -- 119th


K--State -- 21st

North Texas -- 18th


K-State -- 83rd

North Texas -- 99th

Notable Individuals


Josh Freeman --

North Texas

Giovanni Vizza -- 223/383, 17 TDs, 20 INTs, 238.8 ypg

Jamario Thomas -- 112 carries, 666 yards, 5.9 per carry, 8 TDs

Casey Fitzgerald -- 111 catches, 1322 yards, 12 TDs

You'll note that I only listed Freeman among our notable individuals because we have nearly zero returning production among out running backs and wide receivers.  Well, unless you count Keithen Valentine's 100-yard game in the spring game.

You should note that Jamario Thomas is gone this year, but I still put his stats up to illustrate a point, namely, that UNT's leading receiver had almost as many catches as its leading rusher had carries.  Clearly, the running game is not a priority for Todd Dodge's Mean Green.

It would be incredibly ridiculous for me to extrapolate too much from last year's statistics, so I won't bother.  Needless to say, this passing offense is a very good early test for our revamped defense.  Also note that UNT gave up 39 sacks last season, which is more than three per game if you're keeping score.  Our defensive line is an area of concern for me, but in this game we should be able to get some pressure on Vizza.

In the end, let's call it Cats 45, Mean Green 20.

Other Big 12 Games...

Over at Dawg Sports, Kyle gives the warning "Don't Bet On It!" when he makes his predictions.  I would figure that if you're read more than two of my predictions, it would be thoroughly unnecessary to advise anyone that my predictions are not reliable indicators of what will actually happen.

Baylor vs. Wake Forest: I foresee the Bears putting on a stunningly ugly performance in Art Briles' debut, but perhaps finding a quarterback who looks like a skinny Vince Young.

Deacons of the Devil's Church 41, Da Bears 13

Iowa State vs. South Dakota State: Another border war is born.  This time, it's person as to who has bragging rights in the northern Missouri River showdown.

USC Wannabes (did you see those uniforms?) 44, Dakota 17

Wait, those games already happened?  Never mind...

Oklahoma State @ Washington State: Here is an intriguing first-day matchup.  Mike Gundy and the Children He Protects travel to the Pacific Northwest to face a Wazzu team that was 5-7 a year ago.  Last year's opening week road trip to face a BCS-conference school didn't work out so well for the Pokes, but WSU is no Georgia.  To say the least.  I think OSU could be a somewhat surprising team in the Big 12 this year.  Well, surprising in the sense that they'll be 4th in the South, if that counts.

Gundy's Few Good Men 42, Wahoo 33

KU vs. Florida International: The biggest question-mark in this game is how many KU fans will be dumb enough to cough up $20 to park and tailgate next to the stadium.  My guess is, there might be quite a few, considering there were fans dumb enough to sign up for this seating.

Ugly Recliners in Shitty Seating Area 49, Diplomats 10

Texas Tech vs. Eastern Washington: Mike Leach does the weather at halftime...naked.

Runners 'n' Gunners 76, Some Northwest School 3

Oklahoma vs. Chattanooga: Good luck, Mocs.  Another Christian thrown to the lions, much to the delight of 80,000 screaming Sooner fans.

Stoops' Juggernaut 60, Chatties 10

Texas vs. Florida Atlantic: I actually see this game being closer than some may think, because FAU had a pretty potent passing attack last season, and Texas' secondary is going to look like amateur hour for a while.  Still, while Texas may not be Superman, they will get by FAU with relative ease.

Mack Attack 35, Kryptonite Wannabes 20

Nebraska vs. Western Michigan: This is my surprise special of the week.  No, I'm not picking the upset, but I think the folks in red may be sweating this one out into the fourth quarter.  Fortunately, Joe Ganz rides to the rescue with two fourth-quarter touchdowns and suddenly the order is restored.

'skers 30, Directional U 17

Texas A&M vs. Arkansas State: The Bill Callahan era gets started in College Station.  It's not going to be any prettier than the Bill Callahan era in Lincoln.

NFL Washout 24, Not Razorbacks 7

Mizzou vs. Illinois: Like PB, I'm not sold that Illinois is really that good this year.  I am sold that Mizzou should be really good this year, but deep within the dark recesses of my brain, I harbor this image that Mizzou will do anything it can to screw up a sure thing.  Still, they'll handle the Illini Saturday night.

Fighting McDanielsons 47, Fighting Native Americans  35

Colorado vs. Colorado State: Unfortunately, the Rams are a shadow of their former selves.  Still, if Dan Hawkins gets too metaphysical, he could let them hang around.  Make sure the National Guard is on speed dial.

Hippies 31, Rambos 14