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Less than one week...

Yesterday evening, about the time I was passing through Huntsville, Texas, we crossed the barrier marking one week until our K-State Wildcats take the field against North Texas to open the 2008 season.  I hope many of you will be in attendance; I will be relegated to listening via radio as I have now returned to Houston for the school year.

This week will be dedicated to previewing North Texas and discussing this Saturday's game.  Sorry, no substantive post or links today because I am in the process of moving into my new place, which has reminded me all over again why I wish I could live in one place the rest of my life.  To make it up to you, check out this article discussing Big 12 revenue sharing, which should be required reading for everyone in the Big 12 conference.  I touched on this subject many moons (well, about one year) ago, but it is something that is going to continue to be an issue, for all the reasons discussed in both links.