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K-State Slate, 8/14/08

Sorry for the long delay in posting.  I went on a bit of a vacation last weekend, and experienced prolonged Internet deficiency.  There is a lot to cover, so I'll do my best to get to all of it, but I'm almost certain to forget something.

More On Prince, Extended: More details of Ron Prince's extension new contract have emerged.  Basically, it's five years at $1.1 million per, with a boatload of incentives if we do cool things like, you know, win a lot of games.

Again, I haven't had enough time to sort through the implications and figure out what I think about this.  For what it's worth, ESPN Big 12 blogger Tim Griffin notes that an unscientific poll on the Wichita Eagle's Web site, undoubtedly tainted by beaker fans, shows little confidence in Prince's abilities to demonstrate his worthiness.

Finally, no decision by a K-State administrator, coach, player, fan, or newborn would be complete without Bob Lutz's commentary.  For his part, Lutz makes a bunch of rambling observations about K-State fans that sound strangely familiar, then ruminates that K-State athletic director Bob Krause is in over his head.  I've had my criticisms of Krause before, but I think Lutz was in over his head the minute he graduated from college.

Also, I noticed when I returned that now the KC Star is apparently using Jeffrey Martin's stories rather than hiring a beat writer of their own.  Cheap bastards.  Henceforth, I will only link to the stories as they appear in the Wichita Eagle.

Time to Step Up: Here's one good reason to read the Star: Blair Kerkhoff.  Kerkhoff caught up with Josh Freeman and found that the self-proclaimed best Big 12 QB realizes it's his time to lead.  That's a good thing.

Along those lines, J-Mart gives us reason to be excited about new quarterback coach Warren Ruggerio.  It has to be encouraging to hear that the new quarterbacks coach is helping Freeman with the intellectual side of the game.  Don't take that to sound like I think Freeman is a dunce, but he clearly isn't lacking for physical tools.  Let's hope Ruggerio's intellectualism is what Freeman needed to get things going.

Finally, J-Mart writes that Prince and the team are ready to focus on the future and forget about last season.  Thank God.

Freeman, Blogging: Topeka Capital-Journal writer and notorious blogger Austin Meek has discovered that Freeman will be keeping a journal of his season for Sporting News Today.  Sounds good, but I have to hope the nickname "J-Free" doesn't stick.

Bubba and the Suits: Meek has also been looking into when, or if, we might get some information about Kwamaine "Bubba" Brown's status with the NCAA Clearinghouse.  I'm as anxious as anyone, especially considering the season starts in 16 days, but the Clearinghouse seems to be one of those things where you never hear anything, good or bad, until the ultimate decision is rendered.  I'm resigned to waiting.

Yeah: The offensive line will be pretty important this year.